We Follow Three Major Principles
For Every System We Build
Solid Fundamentals
We use the best languages for each project such as low level languages directly or fast high level languages such as C++, Go or Phyton for best performances.
We build block by block with a networking mind in principle, using FOSS or OHS clean stacks whenever possible.
Because we know our tools well and step by step, we’re quickly able to adapt them to your needs.
Our Systems
How We Build Trading Systems for Our Clients
As we only create trading systems for banks, financial institutions, fund managers, ultra high net worth investors and brokers, we do not dictate the risk management and investment criteria. We collaborate with our client’s and we embed the risk criteria into their own vision.
Investment Criteria and Risk Management
As an example, a client can instruct us with the following criteria:
  • -Acceptable currency pairs
  • -Maximum leverage
  • -Maximum cash exposure on a single currency pair
  • -Maximum drawdown tolerated on a single currency pair
  • -Maximum drawdown tolerated in one month of trading
These criteria will give us crucial information needed to develop the Client’s Trading System according to his needs.
Software Built Around The Client
We build software quickly and with high scalability, using over 17 years of experience we accumulated in an highly competitive development industry. We can assist in the support, development and renewal of the software or sell it as a package to the client “as it is” depending on the instructions and needs provided.
We do this also for distribuited ledgers, blockchain development, ML, AI, Big Data and data analysis and where also able to provide continue assistance, if required, in the systems and networks supporting those infrastructures, such as System Administration, Server Configurations, Security and more.
Our Clients
We provide access to our automated trading systems which enhances the trading performance of Private Banking Clients who trade liquid capital markets.
Distribuited Ledger
& Blockchain Companies
We help DLT companies solve their challenges thanks to our expertise in distributed systems, development and economic models.
Private Investors
We provide services to High Net Worth individuals who also qualified as professional investors in their country of residence.
Institutions and Fund Managers
We generate enhanced performance by helping trading professional reach the investments objectives expected by their superiors and clients.
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